His Only Word

This webpage is about Bible prophecy of last days, end times, return of Christ, rapture, seven year tribulation, glorious appearance, wrath of God, 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 vials. 

--- Hello, my name is Joe Lynch. I’m a middle aged Canadian man. I happen to be paralyzed, but still an energetic, easy going, very adventurous and fun loving guy. Oh ya,,, one more very important thing about me,,, I happen to be born-again. I would also like to think, that I'm rather intelligent, and not too hard to look at either,,, lol. Ever since my youth, I have always been a go-getter, making things happen. In high school I had parties almost every weekend. I guess that I never let school become so difficult, that I could not find time to have fun. As in, I always finished just enough homework to get me by,,, lol.

--- I’ve always tried to find a way to make the best of things. I try to learn from my mistakes, and use any setbacks to my advantage. I believe in making the best out of things, including your setbacks, (Romans 8:28). For instance, I had to stay back a year from university/college, so used the time to do something for my mom, and myself. I built a 16’ X 32 X 2 story place to work, play, and live, on the side of my mom’s house. I did this in the extra time that I had off from school, because I was in good with the teachers, and I managed to work it out so I only had to go to the one class a day,,, lol.

--- I have tried my hand at college,,, three times: first two years of Electrical Engineering at UNB in Fredericton, then one year of Computer Graphics Specialist at COGS in Laurencetown. Now I’m on my second year of Information Technology at N.S.C.C. here in Truro, to learn how computers do what they do. I even have the government pay the tuition + books for me to go, by the EAPD dissability funtion of the government. I've even gained two grants to buy myself the computers, desktop and laptop, that I'm working/playing on. Now that’s what I call using my disabilities to my advantage,,, lol

--- I must state, that I truly believe in God,,, with all my being,,, the God of the bible, the only true God. I believe that He created us, and truly loves us all, even the ones that choose to ignore Him. I also believe that He wrote every Word in the Holy Bible, through human hands. I love logic, which tells me if He existed, He would somehow make it clear to us, out of all the religeons, which one was Him. I believe that He would make it clear, and the Bible was surely the front contender, with all of the Truth that it had in it. I think that the Bible has proved itself very worthy of being used for advising on right and wrong behavior,,, (10 Commandments). But more convincing, is so many fullfilled prophecy,,, and then there is the Biblle Code,,, it really works,,, just take an honest look at either of them,,,,,,,,,,

--- My greatest enjoyments in life are math, logic, all sciences, and truth,,, things that you can work out, throught logic, mathematicaly, through laws of nature and physics, to prove it for your own self. God says that He has written His moral laws on our heart. I thought that if there was a real God, then there had to be a way to prove it. I found a book that changed my life,,, Armigeddon, by Grant Jeffrey. This book held the proof that I needed, hundreds of fulfilled prophecies. The greatest prophecy, was the one that stated the time that the Christ would come to this earth, the Jewish people, and to the rest of humanity. Jesus came into jerusalem, for His very day

--- I know that you’ve heard that Christianity is all about faith. I don’t mind saying that words like “blind faith” made my skin crawl. I live in the real world, where if you are blind, somebody will take advantage of you, and lead you astray. So I tackled the question of God

--- Let me tell you what being born-again,,, peace joy contentment comfort everything is n
--- I figure that I should have realized long ago, that there was a real God, One that was looking out for me. It was either that, or I was part cat, and had 9 lives,,, lol. One of my many accidents that I had, was with one of my motorbikes. Some lady pulled out of her driveway, right in front of me, I could not believe that she did not see me, or even look my way. I had no time nor distance to slow down, or even swerve, so I t-boned her car, between the front + back door. I hit the roof at waist level, at about 70km/h, flew up and over the car, and skid about 200 to 300 feet down the road.

--- I can’t even come close to explaining the feeling, of having both of your hips being ripped out of their sockets. The hip pain was intense, sometimes excruciating, and ever present from that day on, even on the maximum dose of painkiller, (codeine) that they would allow me to have. I do not have a tendency to complain, nor did I have the ability to vocalize how intense and constant the pain was, so my doc did not take my pain serious. It was permanent, and my life would never be the same again. So I did what everybody told me to, and sued the driver, for all that did for me. Of the $110,000 that they settled for, I did not see very much of it myself. Oh well, at least it bought me a nice sports car to go to the states, on my honeymoon, lol.

--- I'm so thankful for my knowing God before I had the last two automobile accidents, one in the late 80’s, and the other in the summer of 1996, which left me paralyzed. If it were not for Him, I would have surely not have survived, the twice when my heart stopped, and the time they said that I was probably brain dead. Thankfully my bro said NO, when they asked if the family wanted them to discontinue the machines that were keeping me alive. I should say, that I figure that I would probably not have wanted to survive either accident. First the one that caused me so much pain, and then the second one that took away the pain, and also the use of my legs. Both accidents took more than I had in me, to be able to accept the problems that they caused. He comforted me, and was the extra that I needed, to get back into life. it is much easier, when you

--- I was born in February of 1964, and then born again in 88. My first love is Jesus, and I study His Word often, but there is definitely room for a close second,,, lol. The accident did not seem to slow me down much; I still happen to be quite active, as I like the outdoors, and I usually only sleep about 3 hours a night. I figure there is not enough hours in the day, to be wasting it sleeping,,, lol. I'm into most movies, TV, and music. I like to talk, about lots of things, things that I know something about, and things that I don't know anything about. I always like to learn new things; after all, I think that is one of the reasons that we are here on earth, to learn right from wrong,,, lol.

--- I like to laugh, joke around a lot, and like a lot of people, get my digs in; but only in fun, and not with people that take it too seriously. I can be quite witty at times, and then very serious, when it's needed. I do still drink occasionally. I happen to be born again, not dead, and I still have far to go, with my struggles with self-will. I have learned to love reading and studying His Word, especially the prophecy stuff. It was the prophecy about Christ entering the temple, even on the exact day that it was prophesised to happen in Daniel 9:26. It was not this prophecy that convinced me that there was a God, but using a rule in the Old Testament, about how God gives His people a second chance, not after another duration passes, but God gives His second chance only after ten times the original duration. When I applied this rule, you will never guess when God promised to give Israel a second chance. It was May 14th, 1948. This was the exact day that Israel proclaimed itself a nation, and Israel came back into the list of nations. 

--- I believe that I have met someone who is very special, believes in Christ, is very intelligent, and has a lot of like interests with me. This way I do not have to hide my strong faith from her. I don't push Him, but I also didn't want to have to deny Him, or hide my faith + love for Him either. I guess that I'm very blessed, or as most people think of it, very lucky. She was originally from Sussex, but just happened to move into a house right across from Cedarstone, the nursing home that I was living in the early 2000’s, just after I had left the nursing home solution behind. I had to move into a nursing home after I was in an automobile accident in 96, that left me in pretty rough shape. When I woke up about six months later, I found out that I had not only paralysed myself, but I had sustained a pretty severe closed head injury. I had to relearn everything again, even how to speak. That was one of the worst parts, as I could not even ask them all the questions about what had happened. I wrote a blog about my accident here:
http://pre-trib-force.blogspot.ca/ She moved here for a friend, who was dating a guy that just happened to not only join my Church, but even became one of my ministers. We are not sure of it, but we think that we met about 20 years ago in a New Brunswick hospital, when I remember that she was only 15, and too young for me. If she was the girl, then God has answered my prayers, as I wanted to meet up with her again, when she was older. Our God is amazing is He not.




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